As you may know the educational system in Great Britain is in the process of change.

The linear AS level will be a stand-alone qualification and does no longer contribute to an A level grade. You will therefore have to register either for the AS or the A Level and write the full qualification during one examination session.

What we can offer:


    International Specification
    A list of available subjects you will find under this page.

  • GCE AS-/A-Levels

    The old (modular 2008) Specification
    A list of available subjects you will find under this page.

  • AS Level / A Level

    The new linear qualifications (from 2015, 2016 or 2017)
    A list of available subjects you will find under this page

What we cannot offer:

  • GCSE

    (UK school specifications)

  • International AS-/A Levels
  • Edexcel Certificates

    For UK state schools only

Examinations International is a Registered Centre for the Edexcel International GCE-Programme for private candidates. Private candidates are those who do not receive tuition in a school, but who prepare themselves by private study for any of the following examinations.

International General Certificate of SecondaryEducation (IGCSE)

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS)

GCE Advanced Level (A)

All these examinations are held twice a year, in January and May/June, although a wider range of subjects is offered in the May/June sessions.

Important: Please note that the IGCSE 2003 curriculum will be offered for the last time in November 2010.

The new curriculum, called ‘IGCSE from 2009’, will be offered for examination for the first time in 2011.


A list of subjects available can be found on Edexcel’s website,, together with comprehensive information on the structure of the examination for each subject as well as sample papers, past papers and, very important:

the Specifications

which describe in detail the structure of the examination for each subject and when its individual examination units are offered. Please note that we can only offer those subjects where a written paper is available as an alternative to coursework or to a laboratory test. It is recommended therefore that prospective candidates ignore all references to coursework and concentrate on the general description of the curriculum and the detailed description of the units/papers.

For example: GCE Biology, Physics and Chemistry offer written papers as an alternative to laboratory tests. However, for all GCE English Language subjects no written paper is available as an alternative to coursework. These subjects are therefore not available at either GCE AS or A level but at IGCSE level only.

The Specifications describe the content of the examinations. The same webpage contains sample material and other very helpful and important information, including some past papers with their mark schemes.

Modern Languages

An examiner is required for the mandatory oral element of AS and A-level exams in modern languages. Examinations International can only accept candidates for these examinations if a suitably qualified examiner is available. (The examiner’s fee must be met by the candidate.)

Please note that Edexcel will not normally accept late entries for AS and A-level examinations in modern languages. Candidates for these examinations should therefore enquire well in advance of the entry date.

For IGCSE examinations the speaking test is optional as the overall grade is based on the written papers only. Candidates who elect to take the speaking test will find the results entered separately on the final certificate. As above, the oral examiner’s fee must be met by the candidate.

Examination Preparation

Examinations International is unable to recommend or supply information on preparation courses, books, or any other materials required for exam preparation. Course books ordered from the United Kingdom may be subject to delay and preparation courses can be difficult to find. Candidates should be aware of this and are advised to take it into consideration before registering for examinations.

The “Resources” site on Edexcel’s website, and the reading lists in the Specifications provide further information.

Results and Certificates

Results are normally received about ten weeks after the end of an examination period and will be sent to the address entered on the candidate’s application form. Certificates are received and forwarded by registered mail approximately eight weeks later.

Conditions and Fees

Please contact us for a copy of our Conditions and Fees.


The registration documents are normally available from Examinations International in August for the January examination period and in January for the May/June examination period.

Completed entry forms, signed and dated, together with the correct examination fees must be received by Examinations International no later than the closing dates specified below. Edexcel charges additional fees for Entry Forms received after the Normal Fees date.

Closing Dates for the September 2010/August 2011 examination period:

GCE (AS and A) 
Exam Period Normal Fees Late Entry Fees
January 01 October 27 October thereafter High Late Entry Fee
May/June 12 March 12 April thereafter High Late Entry Fee
Exam Period Normal Fees Late Entry Fees
November 24 September N/A thereafter high Late Entry Fee
June 12 February 12 April thereafter High Late Entry Fee

Edexcel’s Website

For a list of subjects available click:



then select the appropriate examination level:

– “legacy IGCSE (from 2003)” or “IGCSE from 2009”(first examination in 2011) at the bottom of the page


-“GCE 2008”.

For Specifications, sample papers and more, click on the relevant subject.