We at Examinations International appreciate that in asking us to administer your examinations you trust us to ensure that the reputation of your institution and its high academic standards does not suffer. We are of course equally concerned to ensure that we too retain our good reputation.

Examinations International:

guarantees the security of your examination papers

provides a comprehensive organisational and administrative service in accordance with your individual regulations and procedures

aims to create a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere for your candidates

offers examination facilities irrespective of local public holidays

caters for individual students as well as for larger groups

will travel to clients’ premises to cater for larger groups

provides other representational services, for example at education fairs, and would be happy to discuss with you how to help you expand the activities of your university, company, or institution in Germany.

For institutions who may be considering using our services for the first time:  why don’t you give us a call to discuss your requirements? Or send us an e-mail.  References can, of course, be provided if required.

You will find a list of institutions which have used our services here.